Bridal Diaries for 2012

Order yours now and be super efficient during 2012. Includes a unique Wedding Plan Checker in the front that you can consult in the blink of an eye. Fits snugly into handbags instead of an enormous big  journal!


6-3 months before your Wedding Day
3 one hour treatments
You have no doubt already chosen your gorgeous wedding dress and it is a perfect fit. Now you need to make sure that you maintain your perfect weight for your wedding. Take the stress away by letting the Wedding Angel help you to avoid either gaining weight by comfort eating or losing weight through worrying. Make sure you and your dress are a perfect match on your Wedding Day.

3 treatments 3 weeks before your Wedding Day
This is when the reality of your upcoming Wedding Day starts to really sink in. Don’t panic! The Wedding Angel offers a package of 3 one hour treatments to address organisational overload, anxieties and fears including:

Family stress
Walking down the aisle
Freezing up
Being the centre of attention
Bridal speech
1st dance

I use a fast and effective technique which switches off emotional distress leaving you calm, clear-headed and feeling in control.

1 week before your Wedding Day – one hour testing session
Because you want to look stunning on your Wedding Day, no doubt you are using several new beauty and hair products. It is well known that chemicals and some natural substances can affect your mood making you feel more anxious, low or even angry. The Wedding Angel offers a service to check your fabulous new products to make sure you are not using anything that could affect your Wedding Day. Let’s make sure you only have happy surprises.

On your Wedding Day
The Wedding Angel can come and discreetly support you on your Wedding Day to help with any last minute nerves.

15 minutes of treatment while you are getting ready
last minute check before you go and say ‘I do’
15 minutes of treatment before the reception addressing any nerves
about your speech and 1st dance

then I just spread my wings and melt away leaving you to have a fantastic evening.

Treat Your Mum
your mum brought you into this world and has loved and looked after you. Why don’t you treat her to a little pampering to say thank you. From those clever Russians comes a safe and non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment that

Uses no harsh anti-ageing treatments
Improves skin firmness
Decrease fine lines

It has also been reported to increase energy, aid sleep, improve sense of well-being and support the immune function. The Wedding Angel offers 10 half hour treatments to help your mum to feel and look wonderful on your Big Day.

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