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Guys Get Nervous Too….

“My fiancee and I are getting married in less than a month and I am very nervous about the wedding. I am not having any second thoughts about marrying her because I love her but big events like this freak me out. We are going to have a lot of people there too and I have never even been to a wedding. I have seen them in movies and on TV shows but I’ve avoided my family’s weddings.”


If you are getting married soon, have you checked how your man is feeling about it? It is so easy to lose sight of the big picture when you are caught up in planning, organising and trying to deal with your own feelings. Many of us have never been the centre of attention before and it can be really daunting to anticipate what your wedding day will be like. Our minds have an amazing capacity to latch on to worry and can blow it up all out of proportion if we are not careful. The most important thing is that both of you have the most wonderful and happy time of your lives when you get married. Make sure that you check now with some gentle questions if your fiance is feeling jittery about anything. Is he worried about:


  • His wedding speech
  • Being the centre of attention
  • Having to speak to guests he does not know very well
  • Getting formally dressed-up
  • Having to make decisions about details of the wedding that he has no experience of
  • Family arguements and tensions


Please listen to him and put yourself in his shoes and then see if you can do anything to help him feel better. Honesty is very important in a successful relationship so start the right way now.


As a Bridal Coach I make sure that all the important members of your wedding party are calm and happy in the lead up to your wedding because this will mean that you will have less pressure on you. My service offers the unique opportunity for you to donate one of your sessions to someone else so if your man needs a bit of discreet support, I’m here to help him feel better. If you are not already benefitting from my support then contact me for more information about how I can help you have a better wedding experience.


Bright blessings



Making sure anxiety stays off your guest list

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Do You Own Your Wedding?

Yesterday evening I went to hear a Relationshipologist called Andy Edwards speak at a networking event called The Life Exchange. Andy is a very entertaining and thought provoking speaker. He was talking about the way in which we communicate with each other. He showed that several experts, going back to Hippocrates in ancient Greece have divided up personality types into 4 basic groups:


Sanguine – impulsive and pleasure-seeking

Melancholic – introverted and thoughtful

Phlegmatic – relaxed, kind and shy

Choleric – ambitious, in charge, assertive


Depending on which personality type someone predominantly falls under will determine how they think and act. Either you hit it off with someone and you like them or they can constantly irritate or upset you or just not even register on your radar. Weddings are an intense time and this is where people you know are likely to show what they are made of. Kevin T. McCarney, author of The Secrets of Successful Communication suggests that right at the start you make a list of your nearest and dearest and decide whether they are likely to think that your wedding is about you, (big brain thinking) or whether they think your wedding day is about them! (little brain thinking)


I suggest that you go one step futher and put them into the 4 categories. Who are you likely to have some trouble asserting your needs and wants with and who is going to be helpful, understanding and listen to you. This way you will be prepared to have a little conversation with them if you need to about who your wedding is really about. So the basic form is like this:


Sanguine – you

Melancholic – them

Phlegmatic – you

Choleric – them


Always keep in mind that you and your fiancee have decided to consecrate your love for each other with a public declaration and everyone else is there to support you and feel happy for you. Do not accept anything less.


Bright blessings



making sure anxiety stays off your guest list

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Bridesmaid Anxiety



Picture this, your best friend has just announced that she will be getting married and would love you to be one of her bridesmaids. Now for many ladies this is a happy and exciting time. However if you are shy, nervous and hate everyone looking at you this may well be an announcement that has you panicking. Do you have an urge to have your hands on your face all the time when you are in a social situation? As a bridesmaid you will be expected to by confident, look elegant and pretty and look happy for the bride. How do you do this if you are melting inside because of all your anxious thoughts? It will take a superhuman effort of willpower or loads of alcohol which is what many people resort to when they have to get through a social situation. Not a good idea! Did you know that alcohol may well make your levels of anxiety even greater? Plus you are not fully in control of yourself anymore. Embarrassment and regret may be lurking round the corner!


Social anxiety is something that many of us suffer from because we feel as if we are being put on the spot and judged by other people. If you worry about having to go out for a meal, to a club, to parties and other social events then you may possibly have social anxiety. Weddings are the place where this condition can be at its worst and if you are are on show it can get very difficult to cope.


The Wedding Angel is not just here for nervous brides but also for any member of the Bridal Party who needs a little help to be able to enjoy the wedding day more. I am a Specialist in treating the specific fears and anxieties around weddings. If your friend is getting married and she is already on my Bridal Coaching service then ask her if you could have one of her sessions. My brides can donate any of their sessions with me to anyone in their Bridal Party. If she is not benefitting from The Wedding Angel service then give me a ring or e-mail me to discuss how I can help you to enjoy your friend’s wedding more.


Bright blessings



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The 4 Minute Aisle!

Some brides have anxiety about walking down the aisle on their wedding day. The anticipation of the big day, the idea of all eyes on them as they walk, and the thought of standing at the altar to be wed can make even the calmest brides feel a tad nervous. A few butterflies in the tummy and wedding day jitters are completely natural!

Unfortunately, some brides find themselves very on edge, or they are distracted, shaky and so nervous and stressed they can barely focus. I have seen gorgeous, glorious brides come to the wedding altar with eyes so wide with fear that they looked as if they were lambs being led to slaughter.’

This is a quote from the Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway.


Why should you feel this way? After all, this is the happiest day of your life when all your nearest and dearest will witness you marrying the man you love. Right? If only it was so simple. Walking down the aisle can feel like the longest walk you will ever take and even more of a challenge than Roger Bannister had in achieving the 4 minute mile. All eyes are on you, everyone’s expectation is that you should look beautiful, calm, perfect and radiant. Or is that your perception of how it must be? Don’t think that you can just ignore your feelings and they will go away. Your mind has set up a trigger and it will keep on reminding you of your nerves up until your wedding. If this is how you are feeling everytime you imagine yourself getting married then don’t worry, help is at hand. As a Bridal Coach I can free you up from feelings of nervousness, shyness and embarrassment so that during your walk down the aisle you will feel excited, in control and deleriously happy instead of looking like ‘a lamb being led to slaughter’


Rachel Barlas felt just like this before I helped her a couple of months before her wedding. On her Big Day she was not the one with the jitters, it was her brother and one of her bridesmaids! I was there to help them too.


I couldn’t have felt any happier and stress free on my

wedding day and many people commented that I was

the most relaxed bride they had ever seen!”

Don’t sit chewing your fingernails and hoping your nerves will just vanish, give me a call today and let me free you up from anxiety about your wedding.


Bright blessings




Your Wedding Angel x


Leaving You Behind

So your son has just got married and it was a wonderful day. You cried a lot and smiled a lot through the tears but deep down inside you were terrified to think about what happens now. Your baby boy has left the nest and is now about to embark on a journey to establish a new family of his own. I hope that you get on great with your new daughter-in-law but maybe you feel that someone else has taken your place. She will be making and taking the decisions from now on and you may feel that suddenly there is a distance between you and your son. All of these feelings are perfectly natural. Change can often be uncomfortable. It is time to start thinking about your own needs as a person. If you are finding it difficult to make the transition, The Wedding Angel can ease the pain. I specialise in helping with fears and anxities around weddings but I am here for other members of the wedding party than just the bride. Would you like to feel blissfully happy for your son and excited about your own future at the same time? I can help you to get to that place. Call me and let’s have a chat about how you can move forward in your life and feel amazing.


Bright blessings




The Wedding Angel – Bridal Coach

making sure anxiety stays off the guest list

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Power Over Chaos

A new film examines the character of a bride who is late for her wedding. She is not worried about this but later, her peace of mind begins to unravel. She’s a character completely ill at ease with the life that stands before her.

If we do not think about the implications of marriage and of the change of state in our lives that it brings, we are in danger of unravelling sooner or later. Melancholia starring Kirsten Dunst and Keifer Sutherland explores this situation.

Many brides-to-be get so caught up in the planning of the wedding that they forget to notice and honour the changes going on in themselves preparing them for becoming a wife. Plan in ‘me time’ at least once a week and be gentle with yourself. Do not pay attention to what others tell you that you should be feeling, allow your true feelings to happen.


The Wedding Angel xx

A Rollercoaster Ride of Emotions

Do you feel like one minute you are calm and together and the next you mind is going a mile a minute worrying about all the little things you still need to do before your wedding? Well you are not alone. Even though it is not something that is discussed very often, as a bride-to-be you are going to experience all kinds of unexpected feelings. How could it be otherwise? You are going through a great transition in your life from being single or living together to becoming a wife. Your marriage certificate is much more than just a piece of paper; it carrys with it a powerful symbolism of transformation. Women throughout the ages before you have all felt the force of this change. Everything you are doing now is preparing you for the day when you too will go through this transformation and your subconcious mind knows the total significance. Be gentle with yourself and take time to understand this beautiful but scary change that is happening to you. Accept each emotion as part of you and the journey you are taking.


With love

The Wedding Angel xx

Are You Qualified?

Job Description

As an applicant you must have great communication skills and superb organisational abilities. You must be able to meet deadlines and be flexible to changing circumstances. A positive, outgoing personality is prefered and the ability to be diplomatic, inclusive and a team player are essential qualities. The job will require an eye for detail and design and a good ability to co-ordinate colours. You must also be confident at public speaking.

If you saw a company advertise a job description like the one above you would expect applicants to send in CVs with a long list of qualifications, work experience and evidence of being able to fulfil the requirements.

So what position is the job description for?
Answer: a bride

Read it again with this new information. Does it fit you?

The average bride-to-be is not qualified in any of the above, has never organised a formal, personal celebration and yet is still expected to fit the bill and get it right the first time. At the beginning it is all very exciting but as the weeks creep closer, reality hits. No wonder many brides-to-be suffer from anxiety, low moods, frustration and weight issues.

Losing Too Much?

You have ordered the wedding dress of your dreams and after several months of waiting for it when you finally have your fitting it hangs off you. Many brides have to either have their dress taken in or find a way of padding themselves out.

There is so much emphasis in the media and advertising on how to lose weight. There are many diets, weight loss programmes and slimming supplements on the market. But who is there to help you when you have lost too much weight and you cannot seem to stop? The answer is The Wedding Angel.

When you are stressed out you can lose your appetite and start losing weight. This happens because your body is regularly preparing for fight or flight. Either you want to escape or you want to have a scrap. If you were confronted by a tiger would you want to sit down and eat your lunch? When you are experiencing stress several of your body’s functions are suppressed including your apetite. Your body can stay in this state if you are putting yourself under too much pressure. Preparing for a wedding, meeting deadlines and having to make decisions can put you there. The result is that nervous tension prevents you from being able to eat normally and you get tired because you are not replacing the fuel you are burning up by worrying.

I am going to give you 6 tips on how to prevent excess weight loss.



  • Make sure you breathe slowly and fully, taking the air down into your lungs. Oxygen is vital in order for your brain to function properly and it also reduces stress. Calm breath, calm mind.


  • Get to bed early and have a restful night sleep. Your body needs to go through a healing cycle every night in order for you to be able to deal with the next day’s challenges. It does this while you sleep.


  • Do not overload your mind with loads of magazines and internet sites about weddings. The more information you fill your mind with the more confused it will get. Confusion leads to stress.


  • Don’t weigh yourself every day. If you focus on your weight as an issue it can become an obsession until you cannot think about anything else. You can become permanently stressed by these thoughts.


  • When you eat, sit at a table and concentrate on your food. Do not distract yourself with your mobile, the TV, talking or reading. Mindfullness will help your body to relax allowing you to get the proper signals about feelings of hunger and fullness.

For more information on this topic and all the other specific wedding issues that you want help with send an e-mail to

Whatever you do, I wish you a joyful and magical wedding

Bright blessings


Ildiko Scurr TFT Dx Adv – The Wedding Angel
Bridal Coach