Nine years ago I got married. My fiancee was working in a distant town and my parents and in-laws were also living several miles away. None of my bridesmaids lived near me and I set about organising a totally individual wedding which was going to take place 200 miles away in my fianceeā€™s village. You could say that it was going to be a challenge!

I found that as our wedding day drew closer I started panicking about whether everything would get done in time. I also panicked about how everything would be co-ordinated long distance. Add to that a psychotic Godmother and Godsister who for months made annonymous phonecalls at 2 in the morning, relatives abroad letting me down two weeks before and a hairdresser who got fired by her salon the day before out wedding and you can imagine that I was regularly on the edge of screaming or drowning my sorrows. I wish I had had someone who could have waved a magic wand and taken all the stress away…….

I found my magic wand. I discovered an amazing treatment called Thought Field Therapy which has the ability to just switch off emotional distress like panic within minutes. The treatment just disconnects thoughts from feelings. I have been running a private practice for eight years helping people deal with and get over anxiety, fear, trauma, addictive urges and any other emotional distress. It was too late for my wedding but I decided to specialise in helping brides-to-be and grooms-to-be like you to have the most stress-free and happy wedding possible. As a Bridal Coach I use the powerful techniques of Thought Field Therapy to help you cope with anything. When it comes to weddings, no one can guarantee absolute perfection with everything but I can make sure that no matter what happens you will have a magical day to remember.


If you would like to be a bride who is able to cross anxiety off her guest list then contact me now. My special services are sought after and I am already taking bookings for 2012

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